The rave streetwear has been around for the last two decades now. It emerged as a fashion sense for the naughty and rebellious ‘90s kids. It was cultured in the great parties organised in the late ‘80s and 1990s which serve as a benchmark for modern-day rave streetwear.

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Looking back, the rave culture has long been associated with night shows with DJ’s and live performances playing on loud sound systems. The music evolved to dances associated with House, Techno, Breakbeat Hardcore, Trance and Grime. 

Here are some of the legendary brands that have been around for the last 20 years;

  • Raindance- We don’t think you can talk about night events in the UK without this household name popping up. This trendy wear pays homage to the great ‘Raindance’ who were the first group to put up the first legal fully licensed all-night event in the UK.

The collection involves chic and stylish Raindance t-shirts, vest and capes that never go out of style.

  • Helter-skelter- They are popularly known for their old school retro events. The events organised mostly in the ‘90s ushered in the modern era of today’s House and Trance music. Dressing in a helter-skelter bomber jacket will give you an old memory of good old days from the popular ‘Déjà vu’ and ‘Human Traffic’.

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  • Genesis 88- The organisers ushered in the British youth to the era of ‘acid house parties.’ Working through empty warehouses, the spaces were quickly converted to amazing dance floors for the free spirits.

Get inspired by getting this classical piece as you embrace the freedom that comes with a free spirit into the night.

  • Creamfields- There is no doubt of the success that Creamfield has had on the Electro-dance Music. Step out in a Creamfields themed t-shirt and cap to accompany the buzz of the EDM music playing in your earpiece.

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